Welcome to the Vigilance Guild of Fallcrest Campaign Portal!

Among the ruins of the last standing bastion of the old Nerath Empire, and situated in the center of the wild Nentir Vale, the town of Fallcrest remains as one of the only havens of civilization on the brutal frontier. It is here when many adventurer comes to find their fortunes, and it is also where you have made your home.

As vassals of the explorer Douven Staul, you have braved many adventures and stared death in the face many times. And even though there are forces inside and outside the city walls that do not take kindly to your presence here, your good deeds and reputation have made you many more allies than enemies.

Danger is never far away, and it seems that although great riches and fame elude your grasp, you are comfortable in the companionship of your party members, and in the knowledge that each swing your sword or wand makes your new home that much safer from eventual annihilation.

Vigilance Guild of Fallcrest